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Memories are no doubt the most important thing to many people in the world, and this is the very reason that you have to always be sure to have some way to take pictures of important occasions such as weddings, DIRECTV, birthdays, and celebrations. When you do these things and take lovely photographs that can be preserved in an online database or social networking site, you can spread the memories. These types of photographs are great for a person who has to travel a great deal and is unable to see their loved ones for months or years. A simply photograph can always make a person feel better if they are down and dejected, or feeling depressed. When you take photographs that you want to be able to save and put into a photo album you need to always be sure to keep the negatives of the photographs. This is to basically ensure that the photo will not be lost if the album is lost. As the world progresses and technology gets better people are also realizing that digital cameras can take better photos then older style cameras, and have much better settings. This is why digital photographs are much clearer.

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Photography can be an exciting medium to create art and explore fashion. Fashion photography is a highly-specialized photography that mostly aims to sell clothes, and it can range from simple, to quirky, to highly artistic. How do you photograph fashion to get the best results?

As with any kind of photos, fashion photos should draw the eye where you want it to go. If your model has a dramatic gown on, you don’t want the viewer looking at the scenery behind the model in the dress. The way you draw a viewer’s eye is through interesting angles to increase Read the rest of this entry »

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If you are considering starting a wedding photography business, your online portfolio will be the first thing many potential clients will see. It is important that it be professional, showcase high quality images, and provide accurate information about your services and contact information.

An online portfolio should show a wide range of photographic images depicting a variety of backgrounds and locations. Examples of both indoor images with studio lighting and outdoor images with natural lighting should be shown. A variety of age ranges will appeal to a wide audience, so be sure to include images of newborns, children, families, Read the rest of this entry »

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Blurs in action shots are caused primarily by three things.


Lack of light is a real problem for automatic cameras. The auto focus looks for straight lines in a subject. Some cameras have an infrared light for lighting a scene if there’s not enough ambient light. Some cameras will trigger the flash to generate a light burst to allow focusing. Adding light from other sources can help.


It’s simple and true. Most blurry pictures are caused by the camera lens not Read the rest of this entry »

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Although a good camera goes a very long way when trying to take that perfect shot, ultimately it depends on the photographer having an eye for the shot and choosing the correct settings on the camera for the particular scene. Reading the user manual and getting to know the camera settings before you head out for that perfect picture will ensure better chances of success.

Getting the perfect shot means sticking to the basics of photography. Keep the shot simple and ask yourself just a few questions. First, ask yourself what is the best angle for the scene. Read the rest of this entry »

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A photographer is only as good as the lenses in his bag. The lens is what takes the picture. The camera is just a box to record what the lens sees. A good news photographer is going to have a variety of lenses, also called glass.

A wide angle lens is necessary to take large group pictures and capture expansive scenes. A good wide angle also adapts to macro photography which means the photographer can get very close to a subject and still have enough Read the rest of this entry »

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Your picture’s foreground may be perfect, everyone and everything in the right place and lit properly and the background can ruin it.

Not paying attention to the background is a common mistake and the one most easily corrected by the photographer. It just requires being observant to what is happening and what exists in the distance.

Background problems can be anything. A good example almost everyone has seen is a picture of a person with a plant growing from the top of his head. The photographer could have moved a half-step to either side and eliminated the unfortunate vegetation placement. Read the rest of this entry »

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Under some circumstances the time to change is made for the photographer, rather than as a personal choice. A good example was when Polaroid decided to stop making film and all of their cameras immediately became obsolete. If the decision to change from film to digital hinges on the belief that 35mm film cameras still produce a higher quality image than digital, it’s time to take a very close look and compare. Many of the Read the rest of this entry »

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Photojournalism is the practice of depicting an event or story through the use of photos. Minimal words are used in photojournalism so images are usually striking and depict images in ways which words cannot. Photos for photojournalism must be compelling and meaningful.

Compelling Photos
Without a written piece, as in a regular article, viewers may become disinterested or confused. Photos must be compelling and attention grabbing to be able to withhold the attention span of a reader. Photos must portray emotion and paint a picture Read the rest of this entry »

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Finding the best photographer for your wedding day is a crucial decision that must be made with careful thought and consideration.

The first aspect of selecting the best photographer is budget. It is important to make sure you’ve saved enough money for a good-quality photographer. Wedding photos are used to keep the memory of the wedding alive forever, so you should hire as good a photographer as you can comfortably afford.

When choosing a photographer, there are many things to consider. The photographer’s education, possible awards and honors, affiliation with esteemed photography organizations, and positive client reviews Read the rest of this entry »